A Video Game Con is a non-profit organization founded by passionate fans of many fandoms. We are looking for individuals who share our enthusiasm for geeky hobbies and building a strong community.  As our team grows, it will ensure we deliver the best video game convention experience for everyone!

The role of the volunteer will be responsible for helping Attendees, Guests, and Staff during the convention and making sure the event runs as smoothly as possible. We welcome newcomers to the convention scene to sign up and value experienced candidates for checking us out.

Volunteer perks 

We want to reward our staff for all of their efforts before and after the show. Past perks have included, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Free Badge
  • Regular breaks to attend events
  • Meals
  • Holiday events and Staff Parties
  • Free AVGC Staff T-Shirt
Road Crew  Volunteering

We travel to multiple conventions for promotional appearances throughout the year and we would like to bring along our volunteers to check out the sights. Some conventions we will be exhibitors and we will be at a promotional booth. Volunteering with the road crew requires time and some experience to handle, but is a reward experience to explore other venues and meet interesting people along the way.

Volunteer Requirements:

To apply, click here to fill out an application form.


Got a question? Email volunteers@AvideoGameCon.org