Security, Safety, and Weapons Policy

What do I do if I find/lose something at A Video Game Con?
Please bring all found items to the Convention Information desk located at the front entrance. Please report any missing items to our team at the Convention Information desk as well. Our team will try our best to assist you in finding your item.

What if I get hurt at A Video Game Con?
If you’re hurt, please reach out to any AVGC Staff and we will get you the help that you need.

What if I’m harassed at A Video Game Con?
AVGC wants everyone to enjoy the convention and our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible. AVGC has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to: stalking, intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault and/or battery, harassing or non-consensual photography or recording, sustained disruption of panels, signings, and other events, bathroom policing, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome physical attention. AVGC has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment in relation to, but not limited to: race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, age, body size, disability, appearance, religion, citizenship, and pregnancy.

If a person engages in harassing behavior, AVGC Staff will take prompt disciplinary action in any form they deem appropriate, including expulsion from AVGC with no refund. Our policy applies to EVERYONE at the convention including Exhibitors, Fans (Attendees), Speakers, Guests, Professionals, Press, Staff, Volunteers, and Security. EVERYONE is subject to our anti-harassment policy and will be held to the same standards.

Weapons and bag checks?

AVGC shall have sole discretion in any matter that it believes may affect public safety or be important to protect the integrity of the event.

What should I do if my child, friends, family, or I get lost or separated?

Please contact an AVGC Staff member or Security and we will help you locate your missing party. We suggest that you choose the front entrance to meet with your party in case anyone does get lost.

About the Show

What is A Video Game Con?
A Video Game Con (AVGC) is NJ’s premiere convention dedicated to both retro and modern video games. We host an extensive free-play collection of video games in their original format, various video game-themed panels, a large vendor room containing multiple generations of video game items, and a host of other related content for attendees to take part in.

How big is A Video Game Con?

AVGC is hosted in a facility with a vendor hall. AVGC is expected to draw in attendees from the NY metro area (NY, NJ, CT, and PA).

Who is the organizer?

Advocates for the Video Game Community (A.V.G.C.) is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of all aspects of video game culture. Managed and run by volunteers, A.V.G.C.’s mission is to share the history, experience, and passion for video games with individuals of all ages.

How long has this show been running?
Our first show was in September 2015.

Hours and Location

When is A Video Game Con?
AVGC 2022 is July 16.

What are the hours of A Video Game Con?
AVGC is a 1 day in-person convention.

Where is A Video Game Con?
AVGC 2022 venue is the Parsippany PAL, 33 Baldwin Rd.


Will tickets be available at the door?
Yes, while supplies last. Tickets are limited.

How much does a ticket cost to A Video Game Con?
General Admission ticket pricing is $5 cash at the door.

What is the refund policy?
All ticket sales are non-refundable and may not be changed. No exceptions can be made.

What is the lost badge policy?
If you lose your badge we will not replace it. No exceptions can be made.

What if my badge is damaged?
If for some reason your badge becomes damaged and can not be held by your lanyard we will replace the physical badge upon you trading in your damaged badge. Please note we can only do this while badge supplies last.

Do I have to wear my badge at all times?
Yes, you must wear your badge at all times. The badge must clearly be displayed above your waist even if you’re in cosplay.


Can I bring my pet to A Video Game Con?
If you have pets, please leave them at home. The venue will not allow animals – except for service animals – into the building.

Is there wheelchair access to A Video Game Con?
The front entrance to AVGC is wheelchair accessible.

Other Useful Information

Can I take pictures at AVGC?
For the most part, you’re welcome to take still pictures and videos at AVGC. However, please note that all photography and recording is prohibited during 18+ events. Also, attendees should not take pictures or videos of any original artwork that is being sold by artists or vendors. Please be aware that guests reserve the right to pose or not pose for photographs with fans. Please respect the wishes of any guests refusing to take a photo upon request. Please refer to our harassment ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY.

Will I be on camera at AVGC?
We may attract local press. In purchasing a ticket to AVGC and in consideration for being admitted to the Event, the holder consents to be recorded (by audio, visual and/or other means) for exhibition and exploitation by any means in all media now known or hereafter devised worldwide in perpetuity. Holder also hereby: (1) releases Advocates for the Video Game Community an NJ Nonprofit Corporation from any liability for loss or damage to persons or property, infringement of any right or any other claim or course of action of any kind; (2) authorizes and permits Advocates for the Video Game Community an NJ Nonprofit Corporation and its designees which include but are not limited to all sponsors, exhibitors and contractors to use and authorize the use of his/her name, voice, likeness and all reproductions thereof by any means and in all media now and hereafter know for all purposes worldwide in perpetuity; and (3) agrees to comply with all rules and regulations of the event. Holder agrees not to make any recordings of any kind at designated activities without the express written permission of Advocates for the Video Game Community an NJ Nonprofit Corporation. We reserve the right to deny entry or remove from the event facilities any person who in our sole and absolute discretion is behaving or threatening to behave in a manner which we reasonably consider to be disruptive of the event.

Is there WiFi access at AVGC?
No. There is no public WiFi access for attendees at AVGC.

Is there a coat check or storage at AVGC?
No. There is no coat check or public storage at AVGC. Please keep all clothing and personal belongings with you at all times. Please refrain from bringing any suitcases, handcarts, trolleys, oversized strollers, rolling luggage, or wheeled backpacks into the event.