Panels Q&A

Thank you for your interest in running a panel at A Video Game Convention. Before filling out the application form please take the time to read this full section. Failure to properly fill out the form will result in an automatic rejection of the application.

What is an AVGC Panel/ Panelist?

An AVGC panel is a panel run by an attendee of AVGC, and a panelist is an attendee that is running the panel. Panelists are fans who wish to share there love of a particular subject with other fans. AVGC panelists are not professionals in the industry, bands, or large performance groups.

Who is eligible to be a panelist?

Anyone who meets the criteria in the previous questions

Is there compensation for running a panel?

Yes. As most of our convention heads are also panelists at other cons, we really appreciate the time and effort it takes to put together good programming. Therefore, every attendee running a panel will get a compensated weekend badge, regardless of the number of panel hours. We will even comp up to two co-panelists as long as you list their e-mail in the proper spot on the form.

When is the panel application period?

When the application is live the end time will be announced. However, the general time frame will be from mid-march to mid-june. Specifics will be posted as we get closer to the application date

Do I need to fill out every field on the application?

Yes, every field is required, however, you should still fill every field out so we know you put the effort into the application. If a question does not apply please put N/A in the field. Failure to fill out a critical field will result in an automatic rejection of the application.

What is the difference between a panel description and a “con-book” description?

A Panel description is a full detailed description of your panel. It should include information on what your panel is about, the presentation style, topics you plan on covering, and any other pertinent information that would assist us in evaluating your panel. None other than the panel selection committee will see this description. A con-book description is a short 3-5-sentence description that is designed for all attendees to see. The con-book description should be designed to catch people’s attention. These 2 descriptions should be different, and copying and pasting between the 2 fields will cause the application to be rejected.