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AVGC 2019 Update 23

AVGC welcomes Shannon Noelle as a featured cosplay guest to its 2019 show. Shannon is an experienced cosplayer of 8 years, specializing in sewing, wig work, LEDs, and foam armor/props. Mostly cosplaying from video games, her passion for cosplay began with her very first handmade costume of Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed 2. Since then she has cosplayed more than 20 different video game characters such as Amaterasu from Okami, Ignis Scientia from FFXV, and various characters from Overwatch. Her Twitter is at @SNoelleCosplay and Instagram at @s_noelle_cosplay 

AVGC 2019 Update 21


We will have Jalizzaa as a featured cosplay guest at AVGC 2019. Jalizzaa been cosplaying since 2016 and embodies various characters from anime and video games, especially those from the 80’s/90’s. Her favorite games include Bayonetta, Yakuza and Project Diva Future Tone.  You can check out her work on her Instagram 

AVGC 2019 Update 20

Get your coffee mugs ready, SomecallmeJohnny is making an appearance at AVGC 2019.  Johnny has been making online content about his passion for video games since 2008 that offers colorful insights about game development and his own personal stories.  You can check out his Youtube channel and his Twitter for daily content.

AVGC 2019 Update 14

We are happy to announce Bob from RetroRGB will be a featured guest at AVGC 2019! Bob has been a critical fixture in the classic gaming scene for years, running the website, and hosting one of the definitive Youtube channels and podcasts for anyone into classic gaming, and preservation. His website and channel keep you up to date on the latest developments in console mods, DIY builds, ROM hacks, technical overviews, hardware tests/comparisons, etc. Bob will be sharing a wealth of knowledge at AVGC this year. His website at and his YouTube channel at

AVGC 2019 Update 10

Chris Alaimo from Classic Gaming Quarterly will be a guest at AVGC 2019. For years now Chris has produced well-researched documentaries capturing the rich history of classic games, and the systems we played them on. He also does a series on his channel called “Let’s Read”, where he goes page-by-page through classic gaming magazines for maximum levels of nostalgia. For classic gamers, and those interested in the history of gaming, Chris produces some of the best content out there on Youtube and his Patreon.