Guests and Featured Panelists

RGT 85- In a little over 2 years RGT 85 has become a popular destination for retro or modern video game videos on YouTube. From discussions on the latest Switch releases to pointing out Hidden Gems on retro consoles, RGT 85 has something for everyone who simply loves video games. Born in Connecticut, RGT 85 is coming to the Tri-State Area for his first AVGC experience!

Substandard Science– Created by an idea of supervillainy, 2 friends embarked on a quest to spread the pain of watching 80’s cartoon shows to the world. 10 Glorious years later, Substandard Science has expanded to a dozen panelists running programming from the NY area down to Memphis TN. Several of our Panelists might just make up the majority of the con heads at a con you may be attending right now! Join us at AVGC for our flagship panel, the Super Mario Super Panel: Red Coin District, as well as Would you Rather, and Ask A Professional: Ask an Eye Doctor. We can’t wait to see you there!

Guest Panels

Console Wars Panel!- Come hang out with the guys from the Youtube series where the 90’s are still alive. Join us as we compare Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games live!

Opening Ceremonies (PG)– Come meet some of the con heads that make the con happen. We will go over the con layout, gaming and tournament rules and sign-ups, panel information, and more. Enjoy AVGC 2017!

Adam Koralik Live Q&A!- Join Adam with a couple of special guests to talk about games, random beardy things and probably something Sega. Get those questions ready!

Ask a Professional: Ask an eye doctor (PG)– Are video games bad for your vision? Is the blue light coming from you computer/TV really that bad for you? There is a lot of myths out there regarding video games and your eyes. With so much misinformation out there it can be hard to distinguish between the real and fiction. Join the discussion and Q&A panel as Dr. Keith Levinson, Optometric Physician, sorts out the truth from the alternative facts! Ask a Professional is a product of Substandard Science

Gaming Historian LIVE!– Join Norman Caruso as he presents a live episode of his show. The topic is a mystery, but you are sure to learn something new. There will also be a round of trivia, where members of the audience get a chance to show off their knowledge and win prizes! The panel concludes with a Q&A session.

Live Hangout with Pete Dorr- Come hang out with the king of Bubsy 3D speedruns – and other obscure games. Very informal panel to just chat about games that might not always be the most popular, but are still interesting.

Pat Contri & Ian Furgeson– The man behind Pat the NES Punk, the #CUPodcast, and Flea Market Madness is here! Join Pat Contri as he talks about his current and future projects, discusses his new book, Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library, and shows off a new video! Then stick around for the wacky and famous Play the Punk Challenge! Are you ready?

Q and A and FREE GAMES with RGT 85!– Do you like RGT 85? Do you like free video games and random ramblings? Well then you won’t want to miss RGT 85’s Q and A panel with random free game giveaways for showing support to his channel! It should be a wild time and you never know what he might do or say, so you don’t want to miss this panel!

Super Mario Super Panel: Red Coin District (18+)– Hey There Paisanos! It’s the Super Mario Super Panel! If you like cheesy pasta references, heckling 80’s cartoons, or jumping on the heads of defenseless animals (for coins of course) then this is the panel for you. Join in as we screen episodes, play games for prizes, and pay tribute to a close friend. Super Mario Super Panel is a product of Substandard Science

Would you Rather (18+)- Know what starter Pokemon you would choose? Great! Know which you would pick for a night of fun in bed? You do?……..WELCOME! You are among friends! This panel consists of being asked video game-themed Would You Rather style questions that you get to answer however you wish and maybe a few shenanigans will take place! This version of Would You Rather: Video Game Edition is a product of Substandard Science.

Q&A w/ Jeffrey Wittenhagen Q&A Session with the author of the Complete SNES!

Arda Ocal Arda Ocal is a broadcaster who currently works with ESPN and MSG Networks. A lifelong video game fan, Arda was particularly fascinated by the evolution of pro wrestling video games across systems and generations, both WWF/WWE and generic pro wrestling releases all the way to the WWE 2K series today. Arda was a on air talent for WWE from 2014 to 2016.



Game Show MegaMix (PG)– Knowledge, luck and prizes are all waiting for you in this 2-hour game show fanfest. Outwit THE CHALLENGERS with what you know today, gather the gang for good ol’ FAMILY FEUD, and play your cards right on.

Head First into PC Gaming (PG-13)– A panel into the entry level world of PC Gaming presented by an idiot and an angry guy.

Journey into Voice Acting (PG)– So you wanna be a voice actor, but not sure where to go to find work or where to get proper coaching? Join seasoned voice actors Chris Dattoli and Kathleen Burns as they give info on where to find work, what scams to avoid and how to properly set up a recording studio!

The Joys and Perils of a Game Industry Startup (PG)- Come listen to the Luna Wolf Studios team talk about their experiences as an independent game development studio.  If you’ve ever wanted to start a company, make a game, be a freelancer, or learn about the game industry, then now’s your chance! We’ll give you the inside scoop on the joys and perils of a startup in the indie game industry. You’ll hear about the good times and bad, roadblocks hit, getting around them. You’ll learn about building a portfolio, growing a network, and finding clients. Our goal is to have you leaving with countless amounts of knowledge to jump-start your entrepreneurial spirit!

The Legend of Zelda or: A Breath of Fresh Air? (PG)– An in-depth discussion of this seminal video game series that has been with us consistently since the days of the NES, this panel is hosted by a video game lover who is far too analytical for his own good. The topic is a little series that sprang from the imagination of a young boy journeying throughout the halcyon lands of his home in Japan (we should be glad he didn’t grow up in Petoria). Come on by and discuss how Zelda become the classic that it is today; it didn’t take long and yes, the 2nd game counts too!

Politics in Video Games (18+) – While the topic may still be taboo in polite conversations or fan driven discussions, the increasing gamesmanship and perhaps even brinkmanship of politics in the United States has pretty much ordered me to see what we as video game fans can do the examine this issue in the context of our medium, especially with the ongoing marginalization of gamers in the media. Dark Souls III has had many recent examples of minimalism in broaching such topics.

Raqs Nerd – A Fusion Belly Dance Show (PG)- A show for all ages! Join the Narrator and fusion belly dance duo the Gerudo Vagrants as they perform to their favorite music from various video games and anime. Audience participation is encouraged at the end for a prize!

Short and Sweet RPGs worth your time (PG)- Do you like RPGs but your busy schedule prevents you from fully enjoying them? If so, check out Short & Sweet: RPGs Worth Your Time where you will learn about the origins of the genre and its influence on video game storytelling. We will also discuss great games that can provide you the full RPG experience in a short amount of time.

Splatoon Retrospective (PG-13)– Ever wanted to know about Splatoon’s creation and it’s oddly complicated lore? Well the Splatoon Retrospective will tell you everything you need to know!

Streaming 103 (PG-13)– Con familiar Justin (JDOmnislash) returns to AVGC with everything you need to know about getting into video game streaming. This panel is meant for newbies and stream veterans alike. Whether Twitch or YouTube is your go to platform, you’ve come to the right place!

Super Mario Maker and Run Panel: Stars and Coins (PG)– The most recent new additions to the Mario franchise: a level creator kit for the Wii U and 3DS and a scrolling touch mobile game. In this panel, there will be discussion of the games especially Mario Maker Levels. One or two levels will be showcased depending on time. There will even be a group activity where a level be created with audience input. The created level will be uploaded at a later time. Questions at the end.

The Walking Dead (18+): How I Learned to Look too Deeply into Resident Evils Storylines- Biohazard is a series that began as an homage to the zombie B movies of the past. In keeping with the survival traditions of Romero, these zombie games are made to prepare us for a real life zombie apocalypse. There are plenty of useful lessons that can be learned from RE: don’t go to the police station! They’ll be expecting that!

The Wonderful World of RPGs (PG-13)– Japanese role playing games have had a prominent role in the video game industry, and our hearts. Join AVGC veteran Justin, as he presents us with various JRPGs through the years, from classic to new, and shows just what makes us love this so much. Panel will also go into more “hidden gems” that every enthusiast can get into!

Video Game Tattoo Contest 2 (18+): The Kumite- Do you have what it takes? Pit your video game tattoos against others in this full contact competition where the best ink wins!! Compete in insane contests and trivia to win incredible prizes. It’s time to kreb up and frag out!!

* Please note that ID’s will be checked for (18+) panels.
** (PG) and (PG-13) ratings are not given or enforced by the convention. They are suggested ratings given by the panelists themselves. Attendee discretion is advised. Anyone under the age of 13 must be supervised at all times.