AVGC is proud to announce the following guests will be making special appearances at our convention:

The Angry Video Game Nerd (Appearing SUNDAY only!)

Pat The NES Punk

The Gaming Historian

ReviewTechUSA (Youtube Channel) With over 531,000 subscribers on youtube, Rich has one of the fastest growing gaming channels. Check out his latest video here:

Peter Dorr– YouTube Personality

Shane Luis (REREZ TV)

Adam Koralik Check out his latest video here:


Terry Diebold – owner of the Nintendo Playstation Prototype (This item will be on display SUNDAY ONLY!)

Bootsy (of CINEMASSACRE) will be appearing with THE ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD for a meet & greet on Sunday September 11th!

Dan & Greg from CONSOLE WARS

Lua Suicide – Suicide Girl, Cosplayer, and Twitch Streamer

Brooklyn Link – the original Link cosplayer!

Jeffrey Wittenhagen – Author of THE COMPLETE SNES

Toni X Temptress – Cosplayer

Shock – Founding father of the competitive Mortal Kombat FGC

Clown Queen – Cosplayer

Jules Starn – Cosplayer