AVGC 2019 Update 33

AVGC welcomes The Manly Battleships®  to our 2019 show. The Manly Battleships® are a group of fun-loving performers that have built a programming powerhouse on the convention circuit. Veteran panelists combine their skills with a circle of long-time con-goers, otaku, and deviants to create a repertoire of content to suit any taste. The Fleet’s arsenal offers a lot of a lot and a little of everything! With a line up including academic lectures, the Gameshow Impossibru™ series, and over-the-top entertainment panels; high-quality times are to be had under the Fleet’s banner. Visit their Facebook and Youtube for more content today!

AVGC 2019 Update 28

The Vendor application is now closed. We have sold out of available vendor space on our show floor.  We packed into a large number of merchants, collectors, artist, and video game organizations to fill up two halls worth of booths. Thank you all that have applied!

AVGC 2019 Update 27

AVGC welcomes KombatNetwork to its 2019 shows. KombatNetwork specializes in organizing various video game events for over 15 years. In additional, KombatNetwork runs weekly streams and cover topics related to the fighting game community. KombatNetwork will be providing casual tournaments and free play setups of fan-favorite fighting games at the console room.  You can catch their weekly streams on their Twitch channel and Youtube channel .

AVGC 2019 Update 26

AVGC welcomes Senpai Kim as a featured cosplay guest. Kim has cosplaying since 2015 at New York Comic-Con and has been hooked ever since.  She is currently a member of DcCosplayersEast and The Legion of SuperVillains.  Kim is a big supporter of inclusivity in the cosplay community and believes in bringing people together through expressing their fandom in costumes.  Some of her favorite video game to play are from the Tekken and Pokémon series. You can check out her work on Instagram @senpai.kim

AVGC 2019 Update 25


AVGC welcomes SmokeMonster to our 2019 show! SmokeMonster has been behind the scenes making waves in the retro community for a long time, helping with the preservation of classic game roms, and everdrive packs that make it easy for everyone to play properly preserved, and organized game libraries. He recently released custom firmware for the MegaSG that greatly expands the capabilities of the FPGA console. His Live Streams on his Youtube channel often highlight members of the video game preservation community showing off amazing developments.  Come out to meet SmokeMonster at AVGC in just a few weeks!