16 Bit Console Wars- We compare games for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Some games were very similar. Some games were very different. Usually one was better. This series focuses on two rivals who compare and contrast any differences.  Throw in some added humor and you have our Console Wars!

90’s Gaming Nostolgia– Come join the group for a chat about all our favorite moments from an amazing time in history. From Super Mario Bros 3 to the introduction of polygons, nothing is off limits! We will be joined by a few known people in the community (and never announce who it is!) so you will have to show up to see what we have in store!

Ahh Video Game Cartoons (18+)From the co-creator of Super Mario Super Panel and some hobos off the street, comes a panel that delves further into the horrors that are television adaptations of video games. Join us as we watch these “classics” pulled from the bowels of history. AHH!!! Video Game cartoons is a product of Substandard Science.

Anime Parliament™/ Anime Parliament™ 18+: Video Game Edition- Welcome to the highest court in the anime and gaming multi-verse. Anime Parliament™ is where you can step forward as a character or fan, and institute the changes you feel should be made. Come and state your case! But remember: be ready for a debate, because you’ll certainly get one.

The Digital Press Podcast LiveFrankie, Greg, Mike and Leo from The Digital Press Podcast will have an open discussion about classic game collecting, classic game retail and the classic gaming community in the past decade. Open Q & A with the audience and an “Antiques Road Show” style appraisal session featuring rare classic games, consoles and merchandise.

The Gaming Historian– Your favorite youtuber will be discussing the history of gaming!

Geekade– Geekade will be doing their infamous panel where they compete to find the most interesting item at the con

Lou’s Video Game Tattoo Contest– Have a gaming tattoo? Enter this content! Win awesome prizes!

N.O.R.A.D. (Neutral Objective Rational Academic Discussion)– Description: Most debates on heated topics tend to become rumor filled battles of rage and fury (PC vs Console, Gamergate, etc). The Manly Battleships® will take the myriad of issues and shine the light of factual evidence upon them. Join us for a calm study that not even a rogue JLENS Blimp can stop!

No Nostalgia Filter– There are many games are considered “classics.” From Mario to Sonic, Metal Gear to Splinter Cell and Final Fantasy to Kingdom Hearts, there are hundreds of games that many people hold dear, but not everyone has had time to play.  A group of friends tell of the trials and tribulations of introducing each other to their favorites and the wild reactions they have to different games.

Nerdlesque Q&A–  Join the lovely performers from the A Video Game Con Burlesque Show for a Q&A on Nerdlesque! Are you a fan of cosplaying and the art of the tease? We will be discussing how to get started in the burlesque/nerdlesque industry, the difference between nerdlesque and regular burlesque, and the history of nerdlesque!

Nintendo Power Couple: Gaming Together- Join The Nintendo Power Couple as they tell stories about gaming with one another and have an open discussion with the room about the shift of multiplayer gaming from the couch to online and the impact that shift has had on the gaming experience.  The Nintendo Power Couple is a Nintendo-themed web series created by husband and wife team Danny Pytell and Felia Mano. Their show covers everything Nintendo from game reviews, Mario Maker showcases, Hauls and Unboxings and much more.  By bringing two of their greatest passions together, their love of video games with their experience as filmmakers, they aim to provide the gaming community with high quality videos that are jammed packed with great content and lots of fun.

No Nostalgia Filter– No Nostalgia Filter will put their team to test to play retro games they have no nostalgic attachment to. 

Q&A With ReviewTechUSA and Adam Koralik“ReviewTechUSA (Rich) and Adam Koralik discuss videogames through your questions! Ask them about their opinions and they’ll be discussing it live. Don’t be afraid to ask for a selfie or autograph!”

Pat the NES Punk- The man behind Pat the NES Punk, the #CUPodcast, and Flea Market Madness is here! Join Pat Contri as he talks about his current and future projects, discusses his new book, Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library, and shows off a new video! Then stick around for the wacky and famous Play the Punk Challenge! Are you ready?

Pete Dorr- Pete’s Game Room Live at AVGC!

Q&A with Rich from Review Tech, Adam Koralik, and Shane LuisReviewTechUSA (Rich) Adam Koralik, and Shane Luis discuss videogames through your questions! Ask them about their opinions and they’ll be discussing it live. Don’t be afraid to ask for a selfie or autograph!”

Super Mario Super Panel– Hey there Pizzanos! It’s the Super Mario Super Panel! Do you like mustachioed Italians, getting your childhood ruined, or jumping on people’s heads for coins?  Well, this panel is for you!  Join in as we play games for prizes and heckle a classic 80’s cartoon. Super Mario Super Panel is a product of Substandard Science.

Breaking the Boundaries of Traditional GamingGame developers are continuously trying to come up with new ideas to alter ways of interaction and entertainment. This panel is a discussion of the process and outcome of games that defy ordinary game play.

Closet Cosplay Video Game EditionEver want to Cosplay from your favorite video game but can’t afford to ? Well you have come to the right place , closet cosplay for video game characters . Here we will help you find the best places to help you pull off the Cosplay without breaking the bank.

Game Maker StudioYou can make your own games using GMS. Without writing a line of code, you can have a game up and running in minutes. I’ll show you all the tricks you need to get started and make several genres of 2D games.

How to Be a Game CharacterHave you ever wished you could be more like the characters you play as in video games? Personal development and fitness guru Dan Wallace will talk about how he has made this his lifelong goal, and how he can help you achieve it as well.

How to Properly Die in Space: A Never Go Home 2 TalkLet’s explore the psychology behind creating a horror game. We’ll delve into madness, phobias, PTSD, and other crazy syndromes we used to make our upcoming game Never Go Home 2. It’s going to get dark and weird, bring a helmet.

Intro to PC GamingA talk about PC gaming for beginners. Pros and cons, price comparison, and more. With out bashing consoles too much we talk about the benefits of PC gaming.

The Paper Mario RetrospectiveWhat has Nintendo done to Paper Mario? We take a semi- in depth look at the Paper Mario series, a list of games that everyone holds near and dear to their hearts. 

Retro Gaming in the Modern Age Part 2: Electric BoogalooA panel dedicated to helpful tips and tricks of collecting and playing your favorite older games in an age where HDTVs and portable computers are all the rage. Featuring ‘KawlunDram’ of the Zelda Informer Podcast and his YouTube Channel no one watches.

Senpai and Friends! – The Senpai Project presents “Senpai and Friends”! We will be discussing major events for this year and the next.The Senpai Project increases community meet ups and focuses on the Otaku audience and gamers. The Senpai Project aims to pioneer a positive culture dedicated to expanding the knowledge of the anime world through social interaction, intervention and exploration.The Senpai Project family would like to extend warm welcomes to anyone and everyone who can provide us with feedback, insight, and suggestions to help make senpai project great.

Short & Sweet: RPGs worth your timeEver want to play an RPG but feel you have no time to complete the game or better yet, did you ever feel intimidated to try out RPGs because they are known for being “Too Long”? This panel is meant to be a guide for those of you who are looking to ease your way into the world of Japanese Role Playing games.

Streaming Video Games 101: Our pal Justin (also known online as “JDOmnislash”) returns to AVGC to delve back into the now popular culture of video game streaming! What is streaming all about? What makes it so fun and intriguing to the gaming community? There will be a rundown of the basics for newcomers, as well as information that even seasoned streamers will find useful! Whether Twitch, YouTube, or other sites are your bag, we’ve got you covered!

Tetris 101Like Tetris, but can’t seem to get past a certain level? Are you your own downfall because you’re constantly dropping blocks in the wrong places? If so, then this is the panel for you! Come to Tetris 101 where you will learn some simple tips and tricks for staying in the game longer and getting more Tetrises.

Voice Acting: Journey from Beginner to Pro-  Interested in voice acting? Have an interest in voice acting? Are you looking to find out how to go from fan dubbing into the real stuff? Join us as we give information on how to become a voice actor. We will tell you the tips and tricks we learned as we migrated from machinimas to paid gigs.