Geek Mythology Crafts
1 Table – Perler bead figures, pixel art prints, buttons, keychains, bags and stickers
Geek Mythology is a long-time creator of pixel art themed crafts, specializing in Perler Bead Sprite character figures inspired by video games, Anime, comics, and other geeky genres. Their retro-style pixel art is also available on key chains, pins, stickers, bags and more!

1 Table – Prints, buttons, keychains, and on-site commissions of fan art and original works
I’m a traditional and digital sketch artist who also dabbles in sewing and likes to participate in Artist Alleys from time to time. For more of my art, check out my deviantart page ( or my Facebook page

 Dave Song Illustration
1 Table – Video Game Fan Art
Dave Song is an illustrator in the Philadelphia area. He specializes in vector based images ranging from editorial works to pop-culture.

1 Table – Art prints, dog tags
Providing shiny anime art on FIRE.

 Cosmic Crown
1 Table – T-Shirts
Amateur artists who have painstakingly saved up enough paychecks for a printing press, and watched enough youtube tutorials to convince themselves how to operate one, are coming to J1con for the first time! Follow them (quite literally via twitter) on their journey to Philly as they will undoubtedly misinterpret googlemaps directions while maneuvering a van full of screen-printed t-shirts and tote bags. This Virginia based studio has adopted an all hands on approach when it comes to designing, printing, and selling their own shirts. All the inks are mixed in their low-lighted kitchen, the screens are washed in their townhouse backyard, and the microwave gets unplugged to free up the only 20amp outlet for the flash dryer. Despite all their hardships, Cosmic Crown will guarantee that all their shirts are of topmost quality and are probably from your favorite anime or video game or that one sci-fi movie.

 Pinups By Indi
Pinups By Indi
1 Table – Gaming themed pinups, comics, and music
indi has a love of strong women and tends to paint them. He has an ongoing artistic debate going on with his cat, much to his wife’s amusement.